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English Consultations

English Consultations for breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, and bonding with your infant.


Especially if you’ve never done it before, but not only then, breastfeeding can be difficult and asking for help can feel daunting. I can offer peace of mind during a potentially stressful time by helping to troubleshoot breastfeeding problems, giving advice, and answering questions. With compassion and always having your goal and your baby’s health in mind, I will help you to find your own way of breastfeeding your baby.

You can address problems like:
Poor milk supply – too much milk - Breast pain – sore nipples – trouble latching – weight gain – refusal to feed – pumping milk – twins – feeding devices – introducing solids - and more

Nourishing with formula

Even though breastfeeding is the most natural way to nourish your baby, the difficulties you can face might require different approaches. In this case I provide special support in which we will find the best way for you and your infant to make bottle feeding a bonding and mindful experience.

Support in your baby’s first year of life

Besides being a family-pediatric-nurse and a Lactation Consultant IBCLC for many years, I am further trained in various other infant related subjects. You are welcome to contact me about any concerns and questions you may have regarding your infant’s first year of life.


Consulting information

Would you like advice from me? Then contact me by e-mai: info[at]
After the initial contact, we can communicate over the phone.

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